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Don Keeble has had a lifelong love affair with music.  In kindergarten, he made his debut as the little drummer boy in a Christmas show.  He joined his first choir in the sixth grade at his elementary school where he sang second soprano.  For the past 20 years, he’s sung in the bass section of the Lafayette United Methodist Church chancel choir in Lafayette, California.  For the past 10 years, he’s sung bass with Cantare Con Vivo, a community choir organization headquartered in Oakland, California.

In 2015, Don released his first CD, It’s All About Love, ten original songs of Christian contemporary music.  His friend Dan Orvik recorded and engineered It’s All About Love.

In 2018, Don began writing and recording new songs with Dave Nachmanoff at NachVille Recording in Davis, California. Don heard Dave perform at a concert in Vacaville, got to know Dave a little and, voila, a sophomore CD was born. The new songs are stories from Don’s life including his sons; his four year old goddaughter; his brother’s prison art; a special book his grandmother left him; his great grandfather’s house in Austin which is now the Austin Zen Center; a dream he had where good colorfully triumphed over evil; a private lake near San Antonio where nature prevails; his own recovery; a prayer a friend’s father carried as a teenage Marine in WWII; what he would do if he were Jesus; and a beautiful song about his childhood home on the Gulf Coast.

Don divides his time between northern California (where his two sons Matt and Gus reside) and San Antonio where his roots are located.

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